One of my favorite shows is back! Fargo has returned for a 3rd season and the season premiere delivered all of the things that I have come to love from the show. “The Law of Vacant Places” introduced new and engaging characters, as well as new mysteries.

The episode opened with a scene set in 1988 Germany. Through coincidence, an innocent man is mixed up in a murder. I’m wondering if this will eventually tie in or is just foreshadowing this season’s plot. The main story has to do with the Stussy brothers, both played fantastically by Ewan McGregor. It seems that a childhood trade involving a rare stamp has decided the fortune of the 2 brothers. Ray Stussy’s decision to steal the stamp back from his brother is the catalyst that sets this season in motion.

Critics will say that Fargo is following a formula: righteous cop, straight edge man in over his head, simple coincidence leading to murder, etc. While Fargo has its own tropes, that sort of criticism misses the point. Fargo creates an engrossing world that the viewer gets lost in. It is a fantastic mix of acting, writing, music, and cinematography that comes together as an eccentric and mysterious experience.

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